• Four different types of food and salad on the table
  • Pastry with sauce and vegetables, mixed salad on the side
  • Burrito with meat and vegetables, fries on the side
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About us

 With over two dozen countries making up Middle Eastern cultures, the Levant region comprises Lebanon, Syria, Iraq, Palestine, and Jordan. We understand cuisines vary widely from one country to the next. But with thousands of years of history reflected in each dish, getting that message to your clients requires great sensitivity to menu and recipes which will highlight cuisines from the Levant region. The extensive menu will include wraps, bowls, platters, and salads. Featuring authentic shish kabobs, shawarma, falafels, hummus & much more. The fast-casual restaurant will also feature Levant dishes including vegetarian and vegan friendly choices. The menu will also include desserts from the Levant region.